Atlanta Magazine Jan 2004

There are plenty of restaurants that offer a cozy atmosphere and make you feel at home, but very fiew places truly welcome you with open arms and make you feel like family. A visit to Il Locallino, the little Inman Park trattoria, is like a holiday meal at a favorite aunt's house-loud, overwrought and accompanied by plenty of hugs and huge platters of homestyle cooking. Il Localino dishes up simple but flavorful fare. with an emphasis on excess-monster antipasto trays, big bowls of ravioli and giant dishes of seafood and meats. The tendency to overdo extends to the wild thrift store/ bordello decor, the freely poured Chianti and the wild carryings on the dining room; it is not uncommon for a waiter named Enrique to pull out his trombone and offer a serenade or lead tables in singing, while the wait staff pass out wildly obnoxious party hats to diners. "People call and ask, "what time does the show start?"but we don't have a show", says hostess Melinda. "We just offer a comfortable place for people to relax. I tell them, "You are the show". We just give them an envionment that they can play in".  - R.B